Friday, April 3, 2015

Zuffolo - New Feature Artists on my Team

We have a new feature on Panda Wear's blog.  About once a month we will feature an artist in my "TEAM".  I have been selling my work online and have a great TEAM of people whom I consider my second family. Here you will learn about the artist and their work. 


Handmade chic attire for the little ones you love

Cynthia Baker is the owner of Zuffolo. She started her business after moving to Atlanta in 2011.   After they moved to the Atlanta area in 2011, she spent a year making new friends and learning the ropes but found that she really needed something creative to do. Cynthia had many creative outlets in her life in Connecticut.  She was unable to find any similar outlets in her new home, Atlanta, so she started sewing again. It first started as costumes for children and then for adults.  It was all very successful but there was not much  latitude as far as creativity went.  People wanted copies of things.  Now that she has gone back to what she originally thought she wanted to do, she is have lots of fun!

 Why start Zuffolo and make clothing for children?  Cynthia says, "It sounds crazy and trite, but I had a son and never got the chance to buy ‘girl’ clothes."    The dresses and things that have embroidery work on them are the most fun to make.  Watching something turn from a cute item into a one of a kind DARLING item is the best.  

As for advise for someone starting out in her line of work...Get a local following first.  If she had done the same work in CT, she would have had a HUGE local following.  Here it is a bit different because she and her husband are still considered new to the area. Cynthia is married with grown children. 

Are you wondering if she accepts commissions or special orders?   She does accept custom orders as time permits and it is usually a 2-3 week turn around time.  New things on the horizon for your company......Slated for 2016 she has plans for local shows and boutique sales.  She is working to build her inventory first.

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