Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why Give Back or Pay it Forward

Why I give back or pay it forward.  My favorite charity is Habitat for Humanity.  I have a give away you can enter to win this week.  I will explain why I choose Flower City Habitat for Humanity. 

My giveaway with the rules on the RNEST blog:  Panda Wear Freebie

I became involved about 10 years ago.  A lady I worked with was collecting donations for her church group that was building a house with Flower City Habitat for Humanity (FCHH) here in Rochester, NY.  I found out I could actually help build the house by volunteering on the work site and doing part of the construction.  There is a site supervisor who give everyone tasks and I really enjoyed it.  I was very tired when we were done that day but everyone on the site was happy and working hard.  I went back to the address several months later and saw the finished house, which gave me such a great feeling.

I enjoy volunteering and donating to Flower City Habitat for Humanity.  I am a member of the Habitat Young Professionals and was elected their secretary this year.  I donate jewelry every year for Flower City Habitat for Humanity big fundraiser in the spring.  Last year, FCHH honored me by asking me to make limited edition jewelry for the Women Build project.   Here is the blog with the details from last year:

This year, when asked to make jewelry to help raise money for the women Build, I decided to give half of the sale price of the item to the Women Build.  I am selling the items below normal cost for a custom item.  Each item is available it in either sterling silver or copper.  The pieces are my Etsy shop and they are on FCHH blog here:

These are the Butterfly Love earrings and are shown in both metals.  A pair will be two copper earrings unless you order sterling sliver. 

This is  the Mom Build  brooch  in copper.   

This is a group where everyone there wants to help and the people you are helping appreciate it you know you are gong to see the benefits of you labor when you go home.  My fundraising page for the Women Build for you to donate is here:

I believe we all need to give back or pay it forward.  I was taught by my grandparents and my dad to always pay it forward.  You feel good when you do and you help others.  What better way to start you day that this?  Please share this with your friends and family.  

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