Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter Almost Done

Though is is not my favorite season, I like winter.  Without all four seasons I would not love where I live.  My two favorite seasons and spring and fall.  I am planning my vegetable garden right now.  I need to decide what we are growing this year and plant the seeds inside this week.

This winter started quite early here in Rochester, NY.  It  has been a wild one with really warm weeks followed by bitter cold.  I enjoy the snow cover  and it helps my plants to have a dormant season.  Not to mention it kills lots of fungus and disease which in a warm winter ruins the growing season here.

Here is the snow in my front garden.

Photo of my vegetable garden from a late spring photo.

In the front is my Broccoli and the back shows tomatoes, lettuce and peppers.  The fence is deer netting to keep critters out. 

I am inspired my nature and as you see the light through the leaves and branches think of the bends and twists in my wire work.

Upcoming topics will expand on the quality and why I choose the materials I work with.  
Your suggestions are always welcome for future topics.

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