Monday, March 23, 2015

Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

It has been about three week since Leonard Nimoy passed away.  I was shocked and struggled to write this tribute.  He was a great man.  It is obvious to any who knew about him, he was so much more then "Spock" on Star Trek. He was a writer, director, photographer, poet, artist, and father.

I first saw him as an actor in the series Star Trek.  It was one show we watched as a family and we enjoyed it immensely.  As a child I was unaware of the deep meaning behind the lessons in each episode. Now, as an adult, I realize what a pioneer the series was.

A search on his name and any subject will give you a great list of his books, movies or art. 

The two below articles give the best information I have found about his life.

nytimes leonard-nimoy                             huffingtonpost leonard-nimoy

To help reacquaint myself before wring this, I read his autobiography, I am Spock.   It has confirmed all I know about him as an admirer & fan through the years.  He was a great man who did not put himself first.  He understood what it was like to be the little guy and be discriminated against or picked on.  I will miss him but his memory live on in all of us.  May your memory Live Long and Prosper, Mr. Nimoy.

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