Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Festivals for 2014

Currently reviewing and deciding which show to participate in this year.  If money grew on trees, I would do about 15 before the end of the year.  Three would even be in another state.

The way I decide which to do is based on the below logical questions.  The top 5 are from my earlier post about how to choose a show.  This is is part of the criteria I am using to decide which shows to do.  Applications are due starting the end of the month.  

Show Critique and Criteria for Choosing an Event
  1. What is there that brings people to the show? 
  2. What size crowd does the show normally have?
  3. How many vendors are planned & what is the mix of types of media at the show? 
  4. Is it there a jury for acceptance?
  5. Have you been to the show?
  6. Has the show changed since the last time I was a vendor?  Is it larger, smaller, different target audience, different mix of media, new location, new date?  
This is a difficult decision to make as to which shows I do not sell my work.  Also need to decide which to just visit and plan for next year.  the show season for outdoor shows runs May through October here in Rochester, NY.  I do shows in my home state right now.  This leads to another topic for next time.  Booth layout or design.  

Your  questions and suggestions are always welcome.

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