Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hello Mid-Winter 2016

Greetings everyone, a new year has begun.  Where did January go?
The short time I planned to take off after a busy holiday season seems to have rapidly grown, just like the flowers in my garden do on some days.  The original plan had me getting this blog out much earlier!. How quickly the days pass and the calendar pages flip over.

Well, onward and upward!  It is  almost Valentines Day and I am feeling very enthusiastic. This weekend we are traveling out of town to attend  two HUGE shows -  a Gem show and a Flower show - both located together at a fantastic museum.  There will be photos to show and a few tales to tell on my return. I'm especially excited to have date night and quality time with my man for the holiday (sorry no pics or stories for this part of the journey).

2015 Leaf Lettuce
Garden planning for 2016 has begun.  It's February and the seed catalogs have arrived so it's time to start planning this year's vegetable garden. Still so thrilled to have harvested the last of the 2015 crops on new years day 2016,  awesome! We happily pulled parsnips and leeks from the garden in the snow and wet!  No surprise to us that they have been a great pleasure to serve as well as being fresh and delicious.

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Many thanks to all my creative friends who have made this journey such a pleasure to embark upon. Your topic suggestions, as well as comments, are desired and encouraged. Happy creating and peaceful gardening.