Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hello SPRING 2017

Hello and welcome to Spring 2017.  It is the 3rd day of this beautiful season

We see the signs of the season.   Robins are here, Crocus are up, & temperatures are warming.  Yes the snow is still melting from Blizzard Stella that dropped about 24" snow here a week ago.  Here in Rochester, NY we are so ready for spring. 


Summer plans ans our Garden?  Seeds are planted, design is done,& seedlings are up.  I had the first of the Mustard in an Omelet several days ago.  Stop back for the detail on the garden Vegetable progress thru the rest of the spring.  pics as soon as they go outside.  Panda Wear jewelry update - there are new designs in process.  Please comment or message to be added to the class schedule newsletter.

Happy growing and designing. 

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