Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Welcome Spring, My Garden Begins

Welcome to my veggie garden.  Just planted snow peas and transplanted lettuce.  Looking forward to the fresh vegetables for my meals.  I tastes so much better home grown.  Amazed I have been gardening for so long,  friends are asking my advise for their gardens. Does not seem so long ago I dug and planted my first vegetable garden in the backyard of this house.
My love of this comes from my Grandma on my dad's side. Growing up I helped her in her gardens.  I have fond memories of her yard in the spring bursting with colors.  I helped pull the weeds from around the roses.  While her children were growing up, she grew fruits and veggies.  She had plums, raspberries and blackberries still when I was growing up. These were from when her kids were in school.  I tried to transplant her raspberries a few times. My garden was too wet when I tried.  It was also very early in my gardening journey.  I know better now.  I have them from a friend who had way too many extra bushes in her garden.

Summer flowers in Grandma's garden: roses, zinnias, geraniums, peonies, pansies, petunias, snapdragons and many others.  She had a second garden at the family cottage up north of Alexandria Bay, NY in the 1000 islands.  The flowers were in whiskey type barrels at the entrance to the front porch.  She was always happy to tell me the name of any flowers we saw.  My favorite up at the cottage was the wild snapdragons which were everywhere along the privet road.  Especially fun was rock collecting at the top on the hill with my Dad and coming back down with snapdragons.Grandma always put them in a glass and on the kitchen table.
Toad in my garden

This little toad was hatched in my pond last year and apparently overwintered in my veggie garden.  My digging in the dirt seemed to make him want to be somewhere else.  More on the lovely vegetables I am growing latter in the year with photos of the plants.

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