Thursday, March 31, 2016

Planting the Vegetables

Greetings Everyone,
 This post I wanted to tell you all about the enjoyment of growing my own vegetables and planting them outside in the garden......... 

As is typical Rochester, NY weather for late March – outside warms to feel like spring and then cools to freezing-  changing daily.  It is definitely  more extreme with Global Warming. There will be some snow this weekend to welcome in April.  That is normal here so we must be patient with the weather roller coaster as the season begins.
I have just sneaked a peek at my seedlings and I’m surprised at how big they are.  They are coming along very nicely and are big enough to be recognizable - at least to those who know vegetable plants - with some being easier to identify than others.  The pots these are in are 4 inches to give you scale. Online there seem to be so many photos of newly sprouted seedlings but they seem somewhat redundant (just little green sprouts).
One of my inspirational flowers from my garden to show us Winter is done.  It is always wonderful when the snow melts and the flowers emerge into the landscape with their pop of fragrance and color.    

The seedling shown today are a beautiful array of shades of green.  I will thin them again and  eat the thinned leaves.  Home grown is always the BEST!  Any guess what these are?  
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One of my necklace pendants showing off a stunning seashell set in 14 ktgf.
Natural Shell set in 14 ktgf.

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Not quite planting outside, yet.  The countdown to outside planting continues.  Very soon......  the beginning of April. 

May your garden be happy and your weed be few.  


  1. Fantastic! So great to see the progress and very exciting leading up to planting time. Love the pendant!

  2. Progress and great tasting greens.