Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

 Happy St. Patrick's Day. everyone  The countdown to the start of the spring season continues as I tick off the days on the calendar.
I am so happy to be enjoying the day today -  the sun is shinning & the calendar is right on target for the new season.  The weather forecast is for some snow in the next few days. which is very typical March in Rochester, NY.
Above and below are crocus and to the right are Hyacinth peaking up.  They seem a little confused that it is only March here but fingers crossed they still bloom this year.  Hyacinths smell divine and,  for me when their soft perfume fills the air it is always a sign Spring has arrived.

My vegetable garden design is done, the seeds have sprouted & a few are larger enough to be transplanted.  I am just waiting for the earth to warm up to put them into the ground.  My peas will be planted in the next few weeks starting my outdoor garden.   

May your garden be happy and your seeds grow well.  

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