Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Smoke and Mirrors - Etsy Motto

How Etsy redefined handmade.  If you can not be what your company your polices state, change the legal definition of a word to suit what you have become.  Most of the quoted pieces are shown with a bold heading. 

Etsy Credit card reader October 2014.
launched for sellers to record in person sales and inflate etsy sales figures.  How to provided by Etsy with details in the how to us section how to enter cash and check sales into it to track all the sales in one place.  

HOW ETSY REDEFINED HANDMADE- to allow the factories to continue selling there wares on etsy for less than the materials cost here in the USA.
quote "HANDMADE items are designed and created by the shops that sell them. Because transparency matters on Etsy, we ask sellers to list shop members and share information about manufacturers involved in creating their items."

April 2012
October 2013

Quote from Etsy blog April 2012
"Our mission has always included a desire to bring the human element back to commerce. Since Etsy began in 2005, “handmade” has more specifically meant “handmade by the seller.” In Etsy’s earliest days, “the seller” often meant one person — an artisan — who did everything herself, from sourcing materials, to design, to production, to shop management and customer service, to order
fulfillment.... "  so now it falls within the guidelines to have a manufacture produce your design, and even ship it to the buyer for you.  not hand made as most of us understand it.

 I now sell on my stand alone website.  I have many friends online and am part of a fantastic group.  Many of us have left Etsy as a place to sell our work.
We are a group of vintage, handmade and supply buyers and sellers.  

This is a sterling silver pendant showing the beauty of beach glass from Lake Ontario here in
Rochester, NY.   

 This is a sterling silver ring showing the beauty of beach glass from Lake Ontario here in
Rochester, NY.   

I sell this as a made to order One of a kind item.  you pick the color and size and i make this just for you.  Beach Ring

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I have included some of the original information with links to Etsy's own blog so you can read in depth yourself.  My conclusions:
  •  they do not care about anything but their profits 
  • the goal of the site promoting commercial goods
  • ignore vintage items
  • hide and arrange your numbers to sell as much stock to as many as possible
  • when all else fails mute the seller and remove them from the site.   This has been done to many sellers there.  Muting means you can not post in the Etsy forums to share ideas or have problems worked on.  they can remove your shop if you do.  This has happend to several sellers I know. 

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