Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hello Summer

Water lilies in my Pond
Well it is beginning of summer here in Rochester, NY.  Spring is over and it was a wild season. It started super dry and ended extremely wet with flooding in many counties in my area.  Hoping for summer to be more average and better conditions for all to enjoy the season.

My tomatoes are all flowering and I am waiting patiently for the cherry tomatoes.  they seem to be the early ones in my garden.  starting new lettuce seed this week.  regular planting keeps me in fresh lettuce until the late fall. 

Excited about the fresh raspberries this year.  It was a long winter and recovery for me.  Happy to say my last PT session was a week ago.  I am closer to 100% -  just need to build up my stamina or endurance.  Swimming for 40 minutes and still continuing  to trim and tone with my new diet.  Eating healthy is working great.  Not one of those fads, either.   I still have not taking any allergy medicine this year.  The first time in many years without the pills and the stupor that follows.

Today's raspberry harvest is shown at the left.    Happy for the garden to give me a a great harvest and something I work on every day.  Right after my second surgery, crutches and I would go out to look at the garden.

Another pic below to give proportion of the amount of beans, snow peas and berries.  still harvesting cooking greens and lettuce like crazy. 

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May the sun shine on your garden today.

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