Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Almost Summer Vacation Time

Well for the first time in many years we took the holiday weekend off.  This past weekend is the unofficial start to summer here in Rochester, NY.  We went to Letchworth State park and enjoyed the fabulous balloon festival. It was wonderful to see so many families enjoying the warm weather and the event. Spent the day enjoying the beauty of the park by hiking and watching the balloons.

 I wanted to try and show the beauty of the balloons.  Here they are being inflated with air to prepare them for standing upright.  the next step is filling with hot air and then launching them.  yes those are real people in the pic to show scale.

This is the first one being launched.  
The amazing part to all this is it is really a quiet process. 

Here is is high above us ...higher than the tree tops.... on its way to the gorge and it's wonderful flight.   The orange in pic to the right shows the propane flame which heats the air in the balloon.

End of the day pic at Middle falls in Letchworth State park. What a fantastic day off spent with my guy, Herb.

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