Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Almost Summer - Rain Dance

Welcome to the end of Spring and anticipation of a great Summer here in Western NY.  Thursday is the Summer Solstice and it marks the official beginning of summer.  Try something new, find an event celebrating it and attend.

We would like some rain here in the garden it is dry here and nature give the best soaking water to the flowers and vegetables.  The snow peas are doing well,  even with the extra warmth this month.  Unseasonable 90's for the early part of June so far.

The Snow peas on the over 4 foot tall vines.  Our harvest in the past few days has been enough to know we can freeze some this year.

Happy to say the tomatoes are on track for the early July harvest.  We can hardly wait to enjoy the first salad with fresh homegrown tomatoes.  We grow all our vegetables from seeds.  With the dry here we are hoping for some rain good soaking rain.  Even made plans to dance in the rain when it arrives.  

What is growing in you gardens?  What are you pans for the summer? Are you ready to enjoy the sand between your toes?  We are and making some travel plans. 

Beach glass ring in Sterling Silver from Lake Ontario.  I only use natural glass created by the years and the water washing it over.  Inspired by the beauty and working on new designs.

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