Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Equinox - Garden Reborn

Good day and Happy Spring Equinox. 

Today marks the beginning of spring rebirth in the garden. Several sure signs of spring in my backyard - Robins are back and the rabbit is munching on my plants and lawn.   Yes there is snow melting here in the sunshine. 

Enjoy this small window of my garden a few years ago.  Today daffodil stems are sprouting thru the snow.  We know in no time the yard will be full of the scent of this season.

One of my grandmother favorite flowers is the zinnia.  This is from my garden several
years back.  as any who follow this blog know, we are avid backyard gardeners here in Rochester, NY.  Vegetables and flowers are plentiful in our gardens.

Yes the seeds have been panted for the vegetable garden.  Tomatoes and peppers are sprouted and growing in the warmth of the indoors.  counting the days until we can plants the peas and green outside.  

Memories of a fabulous day on our Vacation last month at the Tucson Gem Shows.
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