Monday, August 7, 2017

Vacation days

Often I am asked where do your designs come from? What inspire you?   Here is a peak at some of my inspiration last month.

 Long weekend, vacation days, time off, relax & rejuvenate.  Everyone has a name for it and we all need to realize the value of this.
We spent the day hiking and communing with nature. Here are pics from the wonderful day off.  Was there a better way to spend this day? He & I truly enjoyed the long weekend spent together -  hiking and enjoying nature.

The tranquil foam on the pool of water (above) made me want to be able to touch it.   

One of the walls (right) in the Grand Canyon of the East.  Beautiful layers in this rock showing the age of the wall, the mineral inside all made possible by the water moving thru this area. Being a lapidary, this is a treasure to see. 

This last photo (below) is my favorite part of the hike, after we crossed the bridge.  All you could hear was nature- zero people, cars, technology. 

Where?  Letchworth State Park on the 4th of July weekend.

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Enjoy the moment, like we did.  Take a walk down the road, go for a short drive, spend time outdoors and enjoy how you feel when you are there.  

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