Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Welcome to the New Etsy

This is the 3rd in my series about Etsy.  I have not been a seller there in quite some time.  Why I writing about the site?  I am asked regularly why I do not sell there and it is recommended  as someplace I should have my One of a Kind items for sale. 

Ever wonder if Etsy changed their core philosophy?  This will answer that question.

Etsy is having issues with their stock and public perceptions. Investorplace

Etsy slam from TheStreet

Since going public last April, Etsy's  (ETSY) stock price has nearly fallen off a cliff, losing as much as two-thirds its value and making it the worst-performing IPO this year.  Current price as of today $8.30 per Bloomberg.  Big change from the peak in April of $31.

Does etsy always tell the sellers the truth?  Does etsy Lie? check out this search
Bubble_Necklaces  every item tagged as handmade.  These also available on Alibaba for under $2.

I am asked why I no longer sell on Etsy.  I believe the above clearly illustrate the reasons.  Why give any more money to an unethical company like this?  It only supports their foreign investors and does nothing for the US economy. Quote:

"Etsy, a company that promised to set an example for its level of transparency, reorganized its Irish subsidiary in a way that conceals its tax-cutting arrangements from public view, Bloomberg News reported last month."  full article here Bloomberg  

I hope the information provided helps paint a good picture for you.  Many of us are now using our own stand alone websites and are quite happy doing this.  Why give money to a company that is that dishonest and hurts small business?  They just want their fees from you and they do not care.  

I have a great group of friends and small business people I have became close with in the past few years.  We are Sellergroup, a group of handmade, vintage and supplies buyers and sellers.  Please follow these links to learn about us.
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  1. Great blog, Kim! Love, love, love the pendants you included!

  2. Thanks, Dawn. always hard t choose which pieces feature.