Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day and Taking Time off

 As a small business owner one thing we forget its to take care of ourselves.  I am using the time off to rejuvenate myself.  It worked wonders on Memorial Day weekend.  It is good to take time off and take personal me time.  I have started putting it on my calendar.  I always tell my entrepreneur  friends to do this, I need to practice what I preach.

How you spend the time is going to be your decision.  It will be different for you and me.  What relaxes me may not be your cup of tea.  Even a nice relaxing soak in a hot tub may be all you need.  think about a special  weekend with you significant other and both unplug and enjoy each others company.  The get away does not need to be a million dollar getaway and cross the ocean for it to be time off(down time).  Just relax and enjoy it. 

Enjoying the three day weekend.  The heat wave, over 90 today,  means we are spending much time in the pool.  Will be harvesting more from my garden this week.  Have made tomatoes into sauce twice this year. here is my harvest from last week.  guess what these are?  At right as the full plant and below as a close of of the edible part of the plant. 

Amazed it is Labor Day weekend all ready.  It seems like it was just the forth of July.  This summer seemed to zoom by for me.  would not know it is the unofficial end of summer by the 90's outside now.  As for me and fall it is way past time to start working on my show schedule for the end of year holidays.  Also to make some fall and winter items.  Hard to think of the fall items when it is so nice to just swim in my backyard.  Will have some new jewelry photos of my new items soon.  

Below is a piece of Owyhee Sunset Jasper.
more here   Rock slabs

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