Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Arrives in Rochester, NY

Yes I know fall is here.  Last night I baked the first vegetable bread of the season.  It was great as a dessert after breakfast today. Any guess as to what this is?  Shown on my counter top which is why I love baking. 

Seems a bittersweet end to summer this year.  Below are a few of my beach glass rings in sterling silver.  I collected the glass myself on the shores of Lake Ontario right here in Rochester.  the weather went from super hot to wet and the vegetable garden never seems adjust.  I have happy lettuce, cooking greens, Parsnips, Leeks, & Radishes.  We just planted a new crop of Broccoli which I hope to harvest by the end of October. 

Preparing for a women retreat this week, 7th Annual "Inspiring Success:The Women Ties Retreat." The date is approaching fast, event is on Thursday.  I have some new designs and a few of the best sellers to bring with me.  Plan to show off my custom cut gemstones, so I am ready for special orders.  As always, prepaid orders shipped free to the buyer and free gift wrapping.  Panda Wear is excited to be there this year, our first.  have been hearing great things about it for a few years.   The group's lunch events are always educational and fun events so worth the time. 
The rest of my fall schedule is up in the air right now.  I am still adding new items to my website weekly.  Also learning Instagram and twitter as time allows.  I will update my schedule online when i have a list of shows I am doing.  I do plan is to spend some time outside tonight for the Lunar Eclipse.  is is going to be a well photographed event, especially by several of  my photography friends.   They will have some stunning pics to share later this week, I am sure  Not even trying to take any myself.

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