Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Who is the culprit

Seems I have a mystery in my veggie garden.  Who or what loves carrots?  and lives in the ground?  It eats from the soil level down? Can not see teeth marks either. No rot or decay just hollow shells of the carrots left when it was done.  What pests like carrot?  They say no one eats enough vegetables.  someone did in my garden.  This pest ate my raw carrots below ground and I saved about half my harvest.  so strange to have these disappear this later into the season.  The parsnips they were planting with are untouched. as you can see one of the parsnips not old enough is on top of the pile.

As for how the rest of the garden is.. it is in end of summer growth.  We are waiting for the next crop of lettuce to be ready to plant.  Lettuce seedlings are are sprouts about an inch tall right now.  at left is the carrot harvest with my snapdragons by my back deck.  Faux terra cotta pot and it has lasted over 10 years.

Below is Genny from Charlotte.  Great piece of beach glass from Lake Ontario.  Your orders are always appreciated.

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Happy gardening to all.  May you plant beads or seeds to harvest your dreams.

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