Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mettaville New Feature Artist on my Team

Alison Koh of Mettaville.  Part of my TEAM.  We have a new feature on Panda Wear's blog.  About once a month we will feature an artist in my "TEAM".  I have been selling my work online and have a great TEAM of people whom I consider my second family. Here you will learn about the artist and their work. 


Indigo Journal
All the artist were asked the same questions.  As for why she choose this as here business,  If you know Alison,  you'll know she love writing in journals.  She writes frequently, of many
things, ups and downs of life, recording the joys and sadness,​adventures and stories. Sometimes ​drawing, ​doodling, sometimes just a single word or phrase in a blank page.  Alison also writes to  seek answers, she would write her heart out, asking questions ​after questions ​and​ as she writes she will get some form of clarity.  ​ It's strange but if you ask any journal writer, you'll get the same answer, there is something about writing that connects you to a higher intelligence that knows and that guides you to a path of healing, learning, growing and taking you to a better place, one step at a time.  ​

Back in late 2010, she had an opportunity to attend a bookbinding workshop. The thought of making her own journals to write in delighted me. Then the big move happened, her husband and she with their cat, left their birth country, Malaysia and migrated to New Zealand in 2013. A new adventure and fresh start, she picked up where she left and here she is - making books.

A5 found here:  Butterfly Journal

 As for advise for someone starting out in her line of work, ​Practice. Practice. Practice. ​
Exactly what I would say.  Some things are universal, media does not matter.   Allison finds people love the larger version of journals (A5 size), as she does. ​​They are all fun to make! She loves the whole process of making a book from start to finish. ​

Alison sells both online and at local events.  She has a monthly market in Titirangi village every last Sunday of the month.   She has an Etsy shop - Mettaville & a Felt shop   She also has some of her books in East West Gallery in New Lynn, Auckland. Alison teaches workshops at the gallery from time to time and believes it is a fun way of meeting people.Mettaville accepts special orders.  Average turn around time depends on the request.  A safe time frame would be 1-3 weeks.  


I hope you are enjoying meeting my team.  They are the Best! 

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    1. Thanks, Vera. With such wonderful work it was easy to do. Alison really liked the piece.