Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Goodbye Crutches, Hello Garden

Recovery going well after ACL ligament replacement surgery.   Sunshine and transplanting more vegetables, energized me and I am now walking without any crutches. Saying  goodbye to my crutches feels fantastic!  Being spring, there were quite a few weeds to be pulled in the gardens this past weekend.  Such a happy feeling to see the snow peas sprouted and the lettuce are  doing well.  Plan to harvest mesclun this week for the first time.  Fresh home grow spring salad, what a great side dish. Photos of the Veggies next week

Also working to grow the gemstone/rock side of my business.  I sell rocks! Do you know a jewelry designer or small local Jewelry store?  I custom cut my own stones and have many one of a kind cabochons I sell both retail and wholesale.  Please feel free to contact me if you have a friend with a shop who uses one of a kind gemstones.  The rocks I sell are available uncut as slabs for those who enjoy the stone cutting as I do or as specimens to put on a shelf and display.


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Show schedule is still in process.  It will be posted as soon as I have it.  Looking at what my summer and fall show options are at this point.  It is quite late in the year for show applications.  Considering Naples Grape Festival, AppleUmpkin, and a few smaller shows for late summer and fall.  

Topic suggestions always welcome.  Still taking orders for Mother's day.  Happy gardening to you all.

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